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Backend Development Services

Nurture your business transformation from the core.

If the frontend is the body of your application, the backend is the brain. The backend is the nerve center of an application that controls what happens on the server (on-premise and in the cloud). It’s the binding force that constantly sends and receives inputs through the frontend and processes data on the web page while ensuring that everything is well-harmonized.

We help implement innovative ideas and use advanced tools to deliver quick-response, fast-operating, and stable apps. Our team is engaged in customers' business goals and workflows which allows us to provide top-notch custom frontend and user interface development services.

Technically speaking, backend development involves writing, optimizing, and deploying the intricate server-side code. To do this, you need a team of experts well versed in writing complex functional protocols, building elaborate libraries, and developing other deep components, which are instrumental in providing architectural consistency and a defined operational structure focused on improving performance.

If you want to strengthen your application landscape with higher-quality backend solutions, trust Brandchanakya. We provide a complete range of backend development services, from building custom backend layers to enabling cloud integration to help enterprises lead in the digital age.

Our backend development services

There is no doubt that our team is well versed in frontend development, so we are able to handle each stage of the project, including initiation, development, and support. Our frontend services have proven to be successful in building customer-focused web and mobile applications that boost the ROI for our clients.

Our Backend Development Offerings


In addition to offering scalable Node.js solutions powered by APLS, we are able to offer your business new sources of value and growth.
1)Express.js 2)Loopback.io 3)MEAN.JS 4)MeteorJS


Java/J2EE applications that offer seamless experience and engagement transform your application portfolio.
1) Spring Framework 2) Struts 3) Hibernate 4) Micro Services


Our focus is on building Python-based solutions that meet modern business needs exceptionally well. There are mainly two Python backend frameworks for web development. They are Django and Flask. You can pick up any one of them and use the framework for web development.


With our strategic expertise in PHP development, we create multitiered applications that align perfectly with your business goals. 1) Laravel 2) Symfony 3) CodeIgniter 4) CakePHP