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Our approach to Data Science

The mission of our company is to assist you in getting closer to your customers and understanding their needs and wants before they do so.

It's a constant challenge to deal with the sheer volume of raw data available and then figure out how to leverage these insights to get closer to your target market. We can help you with that.

It is our mission to transform businesses' decision-making processes by helping them to understand the patterns and characteristics hidden within their data. As a company that helps companies mitigate business risks and drive business outcomes, we help them improve customer experience using facts and data.

Why Use Data Science?

Quite simply, we can make your marketing more effective. Our strength lies in our connections across Edit's breadth of offerings: we work equally well with CRM strategists as with marketing technologists – and often on the same projects. As a result, we have both knowledge of the data and an understanding of how that data impacts your marketing strategy, which is invaluable when prioritizing where to spend your marketing budget.

But we do not leave out the detail. We are experts in understanding customers and their behaviour, and we can use this knowledge to predict future behaviours, so we truly understand what drives your audience's decisions. Using your data platform, we can easily deliver both bespoke micro solutions and automated machine learning solutions to give you real-time decision-making.

We offer data science services that cover the breadth of Edit's offering and place business impact at the center of our approach, regardless of whether you need simple, one-off solutions or fully automated outputs.

How we work with you

It is essential that we understand your business, both from a data perspective and what happens on the ground. We can do this in different ways:

  • In our role as data scientists, we combine statistical, technical, and business skills to create models and perform advanced analytics.
  • Advising and proposing approaches and solutions as consultants.
  • Overflow resource - to support your own analysts directly.
  • Educating you on deploying data science practices within your organization and embedding a data science culture.

Our commitment & guarantee

As a technologically savvy company, Brandchanky provides exceptional and outstanding machine learning development and consulting services to its clients. Gain valuable insights from our cost-effective solutions and outrank your competitors.